The Acorns Investing App Review

I really wish there was an company like Acorns when I was young. Of course, when I was young there was not even the internet.  Cable tv was in its infancy.

Acorns is an investing app primarily designed for beginners who are just starting out with investing. Once you create an account and set it up, Acorns will automatically
round up to the nearest dollar the transactions you make on your checking or credit card. They invest that small change into a investment option of your choice.

What I like about it, is that it is automatic. I'm a big believer in setting things up one time and then letting it work on it's own - like paying credit card balances (in full) each month, or making a mortgage payment. Again, in the old days these types of services were not available and you had to do things manually. You had to remember to pay the bills, otherwise you'd pay a penalty. Today, you just set it up and boom you're done. You should monitor transactions here and there but you are essentially on cruise control.

With Acorns, anyone can get their start in investing, make it automatic, and let it run. One will hardly notice the difference with the roundups. In time, you'll have a tidy nest egg generated without even noticing it. For a college student, setting this automatic investment may yield a big amount due to the time factor.

Think about all the purchases you've made since you were 18! The money would accumulate and compound like never before. Still, for someone not even paying attention, their investing nest egg would grow and grow. And when you got to be my age, your account would be huge.

As a disclosure, I have an Acorns account and have set it up for family.

I've done a little review about Acorns:

The Acorns investing app makes it easy to save for investing by rounding up "spare change" and investing it for you automatically.

Simply link it to your checking account(s) and it will take leftover change from everyday transactions and invest it for you. On top of that, you'll be able to choose from 5 pre-made portfolios of low-expense ETFs to suit your investing style. If you don't make a lot of transactions with debit or credit cards, then you can choose to manually invest any amount you'd like, anytime. 

Plus, Acorns works with companies like Uber and Groupon to get you money back that you can invest with every transaction. 

 Fees & Commissions 

Acorns is commission free which means you won't pay a fee every time you buy or sell a position. This is important because with Acorns you could be making little investments multiple times per month, depending on how many round-ups you do. If you had to pay a commission on each of these, it would get extremely expensive.

Instead of a commission, Acorns charges a flat $1 per month on accounts with less than $5,000. Portfolios of over $5,000 will be charged a flat 0.25% fee. 

Available Promotions & Free Cash 

As of the writing of this article, Acorns is offering you a free $5 for signing up by using this referral link.