Do not listen to ANYONE who tells you how you should invest your money, "right now"

I have said this before, but it’s worth repeating again and again.

Do not listen to ANYONE who tells you how you should invest your money right now.

Finance pundits and magazines are infamous for telling their readers or whoever will look at their articles about what they think you should do with your money right now. 

Everyday I see the same types of articles in the financial press telling you what you you should do with your money. They happen to be in different shapes and forms and wording.

The above screenshot was but 1 part of 1 page with search results of "what you should buy now"(. I weakly attempted to black out the sources because they are not worth the time going to. Although, I did not spend much time doing this because that is not the point of this post and there are more important things to get to. )

Their primary target are beginning investors.

I’ll be the first to admit it - I took the bait. When I was a boy starting out in investing, I would seek out these kinds of articles articles to tell me what to buy. I did not know any better and these “helpful” articles where always around. I thought, "if these experts are telling people what stocks to buy, then these companies must be really good. They will go up and up and I'll make a lot of money!"

I did not know any better at the time . After all, there wasn't anyone around to say otherwise.

Here's one example of why you should skip over these "suggestions":

Though this phase in stock market lore didn't happen when I was a boy nor a beginner, I remember the "dot-com craze" of the late 1990s-early 2000s very well. (By now, they probably teach about this era in college courses on what not to do)

Just like there is now, countless financial media were spitting out these wacky companies all over the place that - YOU MUST BUY NOW.

Yes, some of the companies are around today and doing great. Most of these companies went bust. The financial media of the time did not know what was going to happen. Do you think they care if someone lost all their money in a .com stock they said you should buy now?

The financial media guesses are as good as yours.

Here’s a very common title:

“10 Stocks You Should Buy Right Now” or some variation of this title.

Over the last week, I’ve casually seen at least 7 of these articles across various financial media. Some were from the same content provider. 

Imagine buying everything they told you to buy, you’d need a lot of money! 

Better yet, think about WHY they have these articles in the first place. 

Do these media companies know what’s going to happen in the future and they are trying to help 
you ? Of course not!

They know nothing. 

While these titles intrigue readers, which is why they publish these articles in the first place, their only purpose is to make money off of you!

I’m not saying that these magazines are out to get you.

Most people of them are very educational and many are funny and entertaining. Even the stocks that they put on their lists to buy right now might be compelling buys.

It doesn’t mean you should do what they say.

Question anytime people tell you to do something now with your money. Especially, when it comes to buying stocks, or coins or other things. No one really knows whats going to happen, 

Even if they present a detailed analysis with all these facts and figures and positive points left and right. Challenge it. 

It’s your money at stake, not theirs. Do you own due diligence. 

And if they are wrong with their picks, and you lose your money, they have no accountability, they have no sympathy. 

But they do have your money, your email, you web trend information, your site traffic statistic.

This is all money making information and that's all that matters to them.

Please try to keep all this in mind when you come across these articles. 


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