Bought: T

I bought more stock in AT&T (T).

AT&T is an income stock with a high yield currently trading at its 52 week lows. Most people know about this company and what they do. The complete description is below. 

As an income stock, I do not expect the stock price to blast off to Pluto. What I do expect is that the company will pay me it's quarterly dividend. Right now, with the stock trading around $29.50, the dividend yield is 6.75%. Try to get that rate on a CD, A Treasury, even some high-yield bonds! Those are my kind of numbers. T pays .50 per share per quarter and they have raised their dividend every year so I look for this dividend amount to increase.

I can hold onto this income generator whether stocks go up or down. Quite happy to get 6.75% on the dividend, but I do not expect the yield to stay this high. The yield percentage will drop as the price goes up, but in my opinion, owning the stock when the yield is under 6.25% is as good as it gets for this company. This is a solid, well known company trading at its 52 week low, and adding to my position was a no-brainer.  I'll sit on this position and look forward to my dividend income payments.  


AT&T Inc. is a holding company that provides communications and digital entertainment services in the United States and the world. The Company operates through four segments: Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, Consumer Mobility and International. The Company offers its services and products to consumers in the United States, Mexico and Latin America and to businesses and other providers of telecommunications services worldwide. It also owns and operates three regional TV sports networks, and retains non-controlling interests in another regional sports network and a network dedicated to game-related programming, as well as Internet interactive game playing. Its services and products include wireless communications, data/broadband and Internet services, digital video services, local and long-distance telephone services, telecommunications equipment, managed networking, and wholesale services. Its subsidiaries include AT&T Mobility and SKY Brasil Servicos Ltda.

Disclosure: I am long T

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