FIRE Keeps Smoking

F.I.R.E. = financial independence, retire early.

Lately there has been an "awful" lot of media coverage about the FIRE movement.

I'm sure every financial media organization has come up with article about it whether it be good, bad, pros and cons, inside and outside, up and down. Any media that has not covered the topic yet is sure to do so. Wait until the next round of magazines come out.

Now I'm not for FIRE, nor am I against it. People need to make their own decisions in life.

Since one can find a plethora of information about FIRE, I'm not going to write another article on it. However, I will make a funny about a funny article that I read over the weekend called:

"Why You Shouldn't Retire Super Early - Even if You Can" by  Alessandra Malito of Marketwatch.

The article was apparently republished by Barrons. Why? I don't know.

A title like this is sure to garner some clicks. It must of gathered plenty of clicks on Marketwatch which is likely the reason Barrons piggybacked off of it.

After reading the article, I had the following thoughts:

How old is "super early"? It's not mentioned in the article. Since early retirement is the period of life before you can collect your Social Security money, super early could be anywhere between 18 and maybe your 50s. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume it's someone in their 20s or 30s.

How much money does someone need to retire? I question this because the author states "Even if You Can". Everyone is different in their retirement wants and needs. If a young man or woman has oh $5,000,000 in their 30s, they probably don't need to work anymore. Unless they want to. Is that not enough to retire on? What about $1 million? I'm guessing the author is assuming someone that might have $100,000 saved up that wants to FIRE. Again, this is not mentioned. Purposely, in my opinion.

Who is this author or Marketwatch or Barrons to tell people what they should or shouldn't do? I mean it's just silly. As I've mentioned, everyone is different and people need to make their own decisions in their lives. If they wrote something like "Why A Millennial Married Couple Shouldn't Have a Baby Super Early - Even if They Can", would anyone actually listen? Nope. In America, people can make their own life decisions.

I could go on, but I'll share one last thought. If a young person has a lot of money and wants to stop working, why are people up in arms about it? Granted, there are many people out there who love their jobs and will work forever and for whatever reasons. There's also a lot of people out there who are working hard so that they can make enough money to retire comfortably someday.

If these young people have the money and are able to retire super early, then that's their decision. It's not like they can never work again if things don't go as planned. Assuming someone starts their career at age 22, they will likely work until age 62. Yes, that's 40 years. It's a lot of time and a lot of work. Not everyone wants to do that. Not everyone has to.

As an early retiree myself (not a super early retiree mind you), I've learned that there is much more to life than working 70 hours a week. That hard work and long hours got me to a place where I want to be financially. However, I will never be able to get that time back. All the money in the world can't help that.

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