Which is Better, Tax Bill or Tax Refund

Almost everyone has to do their taxes. For people who figure they owe money, it's the last thing they want to do, while someone knows they're getting money back is typically more ambitious to file. 
While it may sound like a dumb, no-brainer of a question, which is better to get money from the government or to pay them?
My answer may surprise you.

I like making money, don't you? I make money from dividends, interest, loans, gambling winnings, and from other ways. However, a tax refund from the government is my own money! 
The government uses my money over the course of the past year without paying me any interest on it. Then they repay me my money and I have nothing extra to show for it. I don't like sound of that and neither does my bank accounts.
Better yet, you have tax companies that want you to get your own money back plus give them a cut. Every year they create contests and so-called deals designed to get you to use your reclaimed money with them. One tax company offers immediate funds through a loan. Another offers a special "bonus" if you filing your taxes with them. Yet another has a clown standing on the sidewalks trying to get you to come on in. I oftentimes wonder how effective that marketing strategy is. This company must have had success with the clown routine in the past which is probably whey they still do it. 
The fees from these tax companies are generally outrageous and this is how they're able to advertise like crazy during tax season. They won't even share their fees publically, which tells you something. I've found that if you call them up before going to one of their offices, you might get some info. Keyword being some. I've called just to find out and I'll get the runaround or other dodging tactics. 
All of this it to take advantage of lower to middle income workers who live paycheck to paycheck or don't have the time or energy to do their research. 
Count me out on using those guys. I do my own taxes online. 
In summary, I will conclude that it’s better to owe the government on tax day than to receive a refund check. It's not that I like to pay taxes or want to pay taxes, but at least I know I utilized all of my money and earned income from that money and not giving Uncle Sam a free ride. 
While the government desperately needs money that they do no have to pay interest on (unlike the National Debt), they can take that money from someone else. 
The next step is to plan how to owe the least amount of money to the gub-mint. 
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