2019 Stock Market Predictions

Happy New Year to All! Here's to a safe, healthy and prosperous new year!

This is my list of stock market predictions for 2019.

Who knows if any of these will happen or if they will all happen. Everyone else yanks out their crystal balls each beginning of the year so why not me?

Some of these predictions are more likely to happen than others, but we will have to return to this next year to see how things turned out.

1) Trump is called on to resign by high ranking Republicans, but refuses

2) Tariff agreement with China

3) Many, many Democrats enter into the nomination race similar to the Republicans last cycle

4) Whipsaw volatile stock market that eventually ends the year higher

5) JC Penney files for bankruptcy

6) Berkshire Hathaway makes a major, big-name acquisition, as does Apple, as does Amazon

7) Mike Pence and/or Paul Ryan start a presidential campaign

8) Trump fires Fed Chair Jerome Powell

9) Another 10-20% drop in the stock market

10) More resignations from Trump staffers

11) The Fed continues to raise interest rates

12) No wall

13) Gridlock in Congress causes nothing meaningful to get passed

14) More record inflows and outflows of cash in the markets by nervous investors


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