What is your best Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) strategy ?

Question: What is your best Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) strategy and How long till you can FIRE from the start of the plan?

Save as much as possible and as soon as you can.

Put your savings in highest yielding savings accounts. 

Max out all retirement plan options - 401ks , IRAs, etc. 

Have zero debt. 

Invest wisely and conservatively. 

Having a partner who works so you can have health insurance is a huge bonus. 

Spend as little as possible.

I think someone who was disciplined in doing the above, could FIRE from start to finish in 10–15 years assuming a modest employment income. 

This assumes having no kids. I’m not against having children, but they are expensive and can easily hinder one’s chances to FIRE, or may prolong the time it takes to FIRE. 


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