Wealth and Adversity

It’s amazing how adversity can change the life of a person for the better. Some of the strongest and wealthiest people I know have struggled the most in life. The difference between them and most people is perseverance. The value of courage and persistence, and perseverance has rarely been greater demonstrated than the life story of this person.

Event                                                      Age

Failed in business                                   22
Ran for legislature- defeated                  23
Again failed in business                         24
Elected to legislature                              25
Sweetheart died                                      26
Had a nervous breakdown                      27
Defeated for speaker                               29
Defeated for elector                                31
Defeated for Congress                            34
Elected to Congress                                37
Defeated for Congress                            39
Defeated for Senate                                46
Defeated for Vice President                    47
Defeated for Senate                                49

Elected President of the United States   51

That was the record of Abraham Lincoln.


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